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C. B. Johnny Hollow's self titled album was the last of theirs that I discovered, and I do not know how that happened. This album is a wonderful listen for almost any occasion. Every song is great and each one grips the listener with their unique sound. If you've never heard of Johnny Hollow here is where you start. Be warned though, you'll be singing the songs in your head for a long time after you listen to it. Favorite track: Shock Me Peter.
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Sardior This album got into my head and we played for hours when I first listened. I shared it with others and it got into their heads... If music is what feelings sound like, then we share many feelings.
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In March 2003, Johnny Hollow released their first self-produced full length album. Within one month of the album's release, the band was invited to contribute their first single named 'Bag of Snow' to D-Side's sampler disc, to be in the company of artists like Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins, Type O Negative, The Cramps and Goldfrapp, who all had a strong influence on the band.


released January 1, 2003

Written, performed and produced by Janine White, Kitty Thompson and Vincent Marcone.


all rights reserved



Johnny Hollow Toronto, Ontario

We like to make noises that tickle your ears and scratch at your brain stem.

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Track Name: Bag of Snow
I'm sorry if I'm low and dirty, and mean and cold.
God told me to
It's all for you.
For what it's worth, this is my bag of snow.
Just let me show you.

It's not brave to be unkind
I can't speak the truth that is lacking in this
ornate corporate christmas tree
The fire starts to seethe
I won't take the blame for these rude desires, this lack of shame.

Theme parks and hallmarks and sermons and pop songs
and impotence and innocence
Just make me angry
I'm sorry if I'm low and dirty
I'm sorry if I sit too high
We all gotta get by

I don't need another page to tell me the words
It's not right, it's not right
Let's be honest
This bullshit doesn't make you high
It's time to fly
Don't you know how to fly?

Formulas and divas and holiness and hollowness
and empty campaigns
Just make me angry

Theme parks and hallmarks and sermons and pop songs
and impotence and innocence
Just make me angry
Don't you know how to fly?
Track Name: Halfway to God
At midnight's stroke
when prophets feed
my karma catches
this saints' disease
and I won't listen
to this heavenly facade
I've stopped my flight
halfway to god

Why should I fly
the entire way
when a thousand lost souls
haven't been paid?

I've stopped my flight
halfway to god
Track Name: Rasputin
Look in these eyes of changing dyes
Let me dissolve your moral ties
I'll tranquilize, I'll tantalize,
I'll move you with my lusty sighs

Beyond darkened paths you call my name
You want me
You need me

I am Rasputin
Let me draw you in
Take this evil grin
And love me for my sings

With mystic touch, life in my clutch
Cling to me like an evil crutch
Saint or sinner, friend or foe?
I am the saviour you'll never know


Within this spell, my soul to sell
I'll carve your winding path to hell
Saint or sinner, friend or foe?
I am the saviour you'll never know


My plans unfold, these truths I've sold
From god I'm sent, or so I'm told
Track Name: Gone
Stick me with pins, peel away my skin
Pluck out my eyes. I can't stand to see you die
Dark skies have followed me into this hollow tree
Memories of moonlit nights replaced by this hopeless plight

An angel with tattered wings. To me I hear you sing
What's become is unjust. I shuffle through your lonely dust.
A fire that cannot quit, upon hell's throne I must sit

All I do is scream at night. It's a silent fight
For you now, there's nothing right
And to you I say, goodnight
Track Name: Stolen
You took the sadness from my eyes
you wore a charming disguise
you took the truth with all your lies

You took your hat off untied my bonnet
and you took my body
when you didn't even want it

Give it back
I want it back

You wore a silicone smile
that bullshit doesn't pass as style
but I was blinded all the while

You shook my confidence and found my weakest bone
and took a piece of me
that should have been my own

Give it back
I want it back

You took my pride out for a ride
you threw my soul into a hole
why did I let it fucking slide?

You raved and ranted and you breathed and panted
and you took for granted
that I'd always want your fucking

Give it back
I want it back

You drank my blood like it was wine
you cannot pick me off a vine
you cannot take what once was mine
you are a fucking swine

Give it back
I want it back
Track Name: Mary
You won't move me

You caught me wanting contradictions
but I'm afraid of ticking time
and her tears are prettier than mine

You won't move me

You, with your leather skin
when mary lets you push her around
I might falter
But you won't move me

Blame the moral heavy
He says Jane but his eyes say Mary

You won't move me

Mary, why do you take yourself down?
People see you falling down
Ass bare and face to the ground

It's not...
there's still...
get up off...

You won't move me
Track Name: Dark Thing
Don't want to breathe
Don't want to move
Don't want to leave here

See what I am
See what I know
See what I see

I chew the tongue who whispered the fortune
There's nothing left but a twisted devotion

Liquid diamonds roll down my skin
And the wind whispers around me
Dark place
A sweetness that I've never known
Hits me like a stormy ocean
Dark face...
Dark love...

I'll take you like a stormy ocean
It's not enough, I need more

Oh wicked thoughts, from where did you come?
Dark things breathe their heated sighs

I kiss the cheek and eat the mouth
And taste the tongue that never lies

Don't want to leave, don't want to move on
To love and lust in a hateful distortion

It's unsaid
Some things are better left unsaid


And I'll give you these motions of emotion
And I'll take you like a stormy ocean
And I'll have you, with this twisted devotion
And I'll have you
Track Name: Shock Me Peter
He'll chase away the skeletons harboured in your christian closets
salutations to a passenger of guilty trips
of guilty trips well travelled and travelling
thoughts of glory holes, of angel kisses
of golden showers
all cured by a holy bottle of h2o

So shock me Peter
This is the day
For this unruly soul to make it's getaway
Shock me Peter
Clear the way
You're selling lies, but it's enough to make me stay
(Get away)

A diluted broth of plastic pop songs birthed of sunlight and toxic glitter
fed unto the wanting, spoonfuls of formaldehyde
laced with a pinch of ginger
and the midnight people, banished by oil-slickened productions
my zombie honey, do you realize what you've done?
your loneliness is killing us
ruled and ruling, beckoned by the beckoning


Get away from your golden arches, your pre-packaged prophets designed to conduct your choreographed lives
morals for immortality, quarrels for brutality
blank stares and stifling yawns, all fed to the broken masses

(wash it all away)

Angry egos and holy placebos will cast away the rotting
with your hollywood gods, all built on a mountain of recycled flesh
dead eyes fashioned with wide smiles
it's hard to stay beautiful without the tender touch of a scalpel's knife
tell me your stories, tell me your glories
tell me your light and I'll tell you my dark
Track Name: Skeleton Song
That girl, where has she been? Perhaps she never left
All this changing disguises staying the same
Why so angry? You're so lucky
Lucky girl

She will get injured in the slaughter, yeah, she's someone's lucky daughter
But she can't control the lion's den, only the water is her friend
Tough luck, girl

Watch out, she's rabid
She can't look you in the eye
She can't control the lion's den, only the water is her friend

Look, she's going away again, look at her outstretched hand
I think she wants the swan to land on her
Track Name: Tremor
Maybe it's not my place to say it, but maybe I'll say it anyway
I don't understand the things you do, but I know just what I think of you
Let's go back now...

Think of the time you saw her fall
You don't know her at all
Think of the time you knew her well
Well, I've got news for you, boy
Drive on by
Your time is coming

Think of the time you beat her down
And you smacked her around
Think of the time you wouldn't stop
Stop and listen to this, boy

Your time is coming

Don't look back now, don't even try
Your cultured alibi just doesn't fly
Don't you know how to fly, boy?

Think of the air you cannot breathe when I whisper her name
Think of just what I'm going to do when I get a hold of you, boy

Your time is coming

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